Since 2012 the team from CCTRacing Australia has been attending the famous Reno Air race in Reno NV.  Race pilot and owner Charlie ‘Squid’ Camilleri has been flying jets since 2007 and is passionate about Air Racing.

One of only a handful of pilots in the world licensed to fly the jets in the Reno Air race, Charlie is one of only 2 Australian pilots currently completing in the Jet Class.  There have been more pilot’s in space than certified to fly in the prestigious air racing event, which requires immense skill, dedication and absolute respect for the environment and equipment being used to race. 

Retired Australian Airforce,  Charlie and his wife Tammy , who is also a commercial pilot, operate their aviation company in Bathurst, NSW.

Flying corporate aviation & flight training, Charlie also operates Fastjet Adventure flights, where passengers can take the ride of their lives in an L39 jet, around Mt Panorama in Bathurst NSW.



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