The Team

A group of experienced and passionate individuals who are willing to volunteer time and expertise to ensure that the historic Reno air race continues for future generations to experience.

Our highly qualified ground crew consist of a number of aircraft engineers, logistics and ground crew staff from all areas of the aviation industry. These passionate individuals continue to contribute to the team with their ongoing support for the Reno Air race.

Our Pilot is one of the most experience in his field, offering many years of expertise with the aircraft flying in the air race. Years of training and dedication to their craft have lead them to this point in their career, to compete in one of the most exhilarating and challenging air races in the world.


CCTRacing Team
Charlie is a qualified commercial pilot with 5 years experience on jet aircraft, 20 years of military aircraft involvement and has attended the Reno Air race over the previous 2 years as Crew Chief . Charlie part owner and operates Fast Jet Adventure flights in Bathurst NSW.

Tammy Augostin
Crew Chief / Marketing Manager
CCTRacing Team
Tammy is a qualified pilot who has many years experience in management & marketing. 
Ben Camilleri
Media Manager/Photographer
CCTRacing Team
Ben has many years of experience in the media and IT industry.
Ben owns and operates a photography business – MenaceFoto, in Bathurst NSW.
Jacob Augostin
Logistics Manager

CCTRacing Team Jacob has grown up around aviation and aircraft.  Jacob is in charge of working  aircraft logistics for the team


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