David Hales

3rd place in the first heat.

3rd place in the first heat. Awesome job Charlie & crew.

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First heat today, bring it on

Today we are racing our first heat in the Reno Air race.  We will be dedicating this race to our good friend and honorary “Aussie” Lee Behel.

Lee flew Miss Independence for us last year in the Race.


Blue skies our friend…..


Charlie the media star


Our all female crew

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Our jet is qualified for racing!


We have qualified the jet for racing. A huge thank you to the team and our sponsors Optical Design, Aero Refuellers, Panorama Airways & Fastjet Adventure flights….

She purrs like a tiger

After test flying L39 #66 for Mark Pracy, our pilot fired up our L29 Race #61, she purrs like a tiger…. Quick wash and polish and put to bed for an early night. Back out to the track early tomorrow.

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A small snippet of what to expect at Reno

Here is a small snippet of what to expect at Reno Air race, each year is bigger and better!

Important preparations for the big race

Today we are starting the most important preparations for the big race…. Getting the RV ready in the Jet class Pits and fully stocked with drinks and food for the crew…
We may also take the jet for a few laps…..

A big thanks

A big thanks to Robert Shellabarger for his great photo from PRS of #61 Miss Independence…. She’s now on our wall.


Almost ready for the big trip

Almost ready for the big trip to the US…….. We are looking forward to catching up with all our air race buddies …. always a fun time at RENO!!!!!! Go Low, Go Fast, Turn Left…….. zooooooooommmmmm


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